Peabody’s Julia Scaparotti shines as Miss Massachusetts USA and cheerleader for the New England Patriots


One can easily understand why Peabody native Julia Scaparotti is glowing. The 25-year old beauty was crowned Miss Massachusetts USA in November and is a member of the New England Patriots squad that cheered the team to a historical victory this February.

“I never would have thought I would win a crown and a ring in the same year,” jokes Scaparotti.

IMG_0150-EditScaparotti, an assistant media planner at MullenLowe, grew up in Central Peabody and was voted “Best All Around” at Peabody High School. She studied communications at the University of Rhode Island where she dreamed of being a news anchor, but ultimately decided to pursue lifestyle communications. Did I mention that Scaparotti, who describes herself as “very competitive,” also found time to jump out of an airplane, bungee jump off a cliff in Switzerland and jump off a building in Las Vegas?

“I was shy as a kid,” says Scaparotti who never thought she could enter (never mind win) a pageant. “It still feels like a dream.”

She credits hard work and dedication for her ultimate success. “I had to decline many birthday parties and cupcakes,” she says, noting that ultimately you have to believe in yourself. She counts her good fortune in being surrounded by people—citing her grandmother, who recently passed away— who always showered her with sage advice and encouragement.

After the Super Bowl, we caught up with Scaparotti, who is living back in Peabody. Although she hadn’t slept, she graciously took the time to answer our questions.IMG_0056-Edit

SM: Describe the experience of being at the Super Bowl.
JS: Super Bowl weekend was a lot of hard work and a lot of fun. It was absolutely amazing being with my cheer sisters all weekend. We volunteered at Houston’s Children Hospital, appeared on ESPN’s First Take and Fox and Friends, worked the Patriots Rally with country singer Scotty McCreery and hosted the welcome event. The day of the Super Bowl was a lot of adrenaline. In my opinion it was one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time. It was incredible to watch such an exciting game that made history by going into overtime and awarding Tom Brady his fifth win. Seeing the confetti shoot out of the cannons felt like time froze. I couldn’t help but cry. The after party was filled with celebrities like Adriana Lima, Chris Evans, Pitbull, Lil Wayne, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, just to name a few. None of us went to bed and stayed out all night celebrating the win with the whole Patriots organization. It was one of the best days/nights of my life.

SM: How does it compare with being crowned Miss Massachusetts USA?
JS: Being crowned Miss Massachusetts USA has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl. I trained hard for three years to win the title. When I won, I felt so proud of myself for accomplishing one of my biggest goals. Winning the Super Bowl was completely out of my control. It was much more nerve-racking because it was something that I couldn’t influence. Being a cheerleader I worked hard to do my job and it truly is an honor to be part of the best NFL organization of all time. I honestly still can’t believe I am a Super Bowl champion and I am Miss Massachusetts USA, which all happened within just a couple months apart. The countdown is now on to Miss USA, the Super Bowl of pageants!

IMG_0770-EditSM: Can you talk about how your experience as a cheerleader for the New England Patriots helped you in your quest for the Miss Massachusetts USA title?
JS: Being a New England Patriots cheerleader really prepared me for being a public figure in the Boston community. As a cheerleader, I’m required to attend a lot of charity events, do media interviews, partake in photo shoots and appear on television. When showing up to pageant weekend I already knew I had the skills to be Miss Massachusetts USA because I was already doing the job, just with pom poms instead of a crown. As Miss Massachusetts I feel I have a stronger voice and am able to reach out to more people and to spread my platform of loving yourself and inspiring others to go after their goals no matter what the obstacle.

SM: What lessons will you bring from the Super Bowl to Miss USA in June?
JS: I learned quite a few lessons from Super Bowl weekend: One being how to survive with minimum amount of sleep as well as staying organized and packing very strategically. But the most important lesson I learned is that anything can happen. If you prepare and set yourself up for success, with a little bit of luck, anything can truly happen.

SM: What is your personal motto/ mantra?
JS: My favorite quote of all time is “Not all who wander are lost” from “Lord of the Rings.” I find myself always wanting to try new things and to go on new adventures. Although it may seem I am trying to find something I really just want to learn and experience as much as I can. Being 25 years old I’m very fortunate to have had quite the full life so far. I’ve jumped out of an airplane, bungee jumped off a 300-foot cliff, lived in Florence, Italy, traveled to more than 10 countries, cheered at a Super Bowl, won Miss Massachusetts USA, graduated college, appeared on national television, am a host on a NESN’s Dirty Water TV, and have volunteered for multiple organizations including the Miss Pink organization.

SM: Who is your role model?JH-JuliaUSA-2
JS: My role model is my older sister Lauren. You would never think it because we are such opposites. She is covered in tattoos, has piercings, is a vegetarian and surprisingly knows Tom Brady, but probably couldn’t name anyone else on the team. I admire her in many ways, but what inspires me the most is how carefree she lives her life and doesn’t allow others people judgment affect how she wants to live. She has taught me to be myself, not change for anyone or anything, embrace my imperfections and to stand proud of who I am. I love her very much and I am very lucky to have a strong, independent, intelligent and beautiful older sister to look up to.

SM: What do you love about Peabody?
JS: I love the sub shops in Peabody. You can’t find places that make good chicken kabob salads like they do in Peabody. You can best believe that there will be plenty of fans from 01960, including her boyfriend, Peabody native Jared Rizzo, cheering Scaparotti on as she competes for Miss USA in June.

Photos: Justin Hammond
Makeup and hair: Sarah Elizabeth Artistry

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