By Stacey Marcus

Sitting on the veranda of Spalenza on Lake Street in Peabody—the historic site of the Saltonstall Mansion on Suntaug Lake—one is awed by the exquisite surroundings.

Silvane Spalenza stands on the veranda of her Lake Street spa.

Silvane Spalenza stands on the veranda of her Lake Street spa.

Although the grounds of the estate are on Puritan Lawn Memorial Park, the site feels alive with energy. The trees waltz lightly in the breeze, the light skips softly on the water and Spalenza feels like a sacred spot where one drinks in a divine presence refreshing both body and mind. Listening to the story of owner Silvane Spalenza, one can’t help but feel that destiny led her to this spot to create a sanctuary where people can discover beauty, peace and wellbeing.

“It was meant to be,” says Spalenza of her founding of the spa. Why else would her last name sound like a zesty European spa?

There are many ways to describe the Brazilian beauty who designed Spalenza to bring grooming and wellness to the North Shore and also honor the memory of her late husband, Renato. She is an entrepreneur,   a kind soul, a cancer survivor, a widow, a mother of three, a certified massage therapist, a licensed esthetician and skilled in the art of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy.

“I created Spalenza to honor my beloved Renato,” says Spalenza. “I love taking care of other people.”

Walking around the mansion one travels from room to room to enjoy a plethora of pampering and primping. A hair salon for women offers a full range of services including Brazilian blowouts. An authentic barber shop featuring a master barber fulfills all men’s grooming needs, even a hot towel shave. The massage rooms are reserved for treatments like hot stone and Reiki with one room featuring equipment for an  Ashiatsu  barefoot massage where the therapist walks on your back. Spalenza also offers services like waxing, facials, laser hair removal, make-up application, manicures and pedicures.

Spalenza styles Kayla Sullivan of Boxford.

Spalenza styles Kayla Sullivan of Boxford.

A wonderful spot at Spalenza is the spacious studio that is the home of Peace, Love and Yoga (PLAY). The gorgeous space is lit through surrounding wall-to-ceiling windows letting in natural light and allowing yogis to gaze at nature’s glory. Although light also sparkles from the brick fireplace and candles, the true beacon of peace is founder Anthony Tomasi, whose great energy and vision create a unique holistic experience.

Andover resident Carolyn Lightner followed Tomasi to his new space and took advantage of the spa services at Spalenza.“I came three weeks ago and got the best pedicure and also had Silvane blow out my hair. Silvane is a such a special lady,” says Lightner, who also commented that she loves the peaceful and relaxing ambiance at the mansion.

Spalenza enjoys seeing people take advantage of spa days where they kick off the day with a yoga session and breakfast on the porch followed by a sea salt scrub, massage, sauna, shower, lunch outside overlooking Suntaug Lake, spa manicure and pedicure and hair treatments, followed by hors d’oeuvres at sunset.

“I want people to feel like they are somewhere really far away as they enjoy the convenience of getting all their spa services in one place,” she said.

Photos: Reba Saldanha

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