Sometimes there’s nothing better than having your protein, rice and veggies (and everything but the kitchen sink) all wrapped up in one delicious bite. And even though most burritos are often consumed at the same rapid-fire pace they’re constructed, there’s an art to getting that bite right—starting with the careful selection of ingredients and ending with that perfect fold, so that not even a grain of rice escapes. We sampled a few creative combinations at popular spots nearby to take the guesswork out of your next order.


WHAT: Tikki masala burrito with creamy masala sauce, broccoli, brown rice and chicken on a flour tortilla
WHERE: Boloco, 425 Market St., Lynnfield
PRICE: $8.99


WHAT: Barbacoa burrito with cilantro-lime white rice, fresh tomato salsa, tomatillo red-chili salsa and fajita veggies on flour tortilla
WHERE: Chipotle, 444 Broadway, Saugus
PRICE: $7.80


WHAT: Grilled chicken burrito with pico de gallo, yellow rice, beans, cilantro on a flour tortilla with a side of salsa verde
WHERE: Tacos Lupita, 129 Munroe St., Lynn
PRICE: $6.42


WHAT: Pulled pork burrito with roasted chili corn, salsa verde, cilantro white rice and grilled fajita peppers on a wheat tortilla
WHERE: QDOBA, 229 Andover St., Peabody
PRICE: $8.40

Photos: Spenser Hasak

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